100-oz, 3kg. Gold Melting Kiln With Mould Pre-Heating, 2-IN-1 Safecast-4

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This is new, safe concept (Upside-Down), 2-in-1 commercial graded electrical kiln for beginners and professionals that do not required professional knowledge for start to work with and additional equipment. This kiln will allow you to avoid: heat-shocks, fire around your worktop and poured moulds, moulds cracked by heat, damaged heating elements, additional equipment for pre-heating moulds before pouring metal in and, at same time, will help you to save electricity, last longer your crucibles and moulds, save time on multiple casting processes, to have more room on your work-top and:

1. For avoiding damages on heating element this kiln will keep pre-settled temperature only about 15 minutes then automatically cooling down for 5-7 minutes, then automatically heating up again to pre-settled temperature and so on. This will allow you:
a. To save electricity (instead to fire your kiln on top temperatures hour-by-hour).
b. To use graphite crucibles and moulds last longer (15-20 times instead 5-7 as usually).
c. To use this kiln 24/7 without stopping (commercial grade).
d. For doing several castings without full re-heating of this kiln.

2. For avoiding missing the time when metal in your kiln is already ready for casting this kiln will automatically alarm you by its buzzer each time when pre-settled temperature will be reached. It will help you to start casting process in correct time, before (about 15 minutes) your kiln will starts cooling down for heating element safety purpose.

Technical specification:

– model name: “Safecast-4”;
– input: 115V, 230V +/-5%;
– power: 650W. 13A domestic plug;
– top temperature: 1120C (2048F) digital adjustable;
– estimated heating time: 45-70 min. depending of metal and crucible condition;
– buzzer alarm: 96 db;
– heating element on-off system: on pre-settled temperature;
– 100-oz (3 kg) pure gold crucible internal dimensions: 50 mm(D) x 85 mm(H);
– dimensions of kiln (include lid and wooden handle): 350 mm(W) x 250 x 400 mm(H);
– weight of kiln in box: 8 kg;
– two years warranty.

Delivery specification:

– “Safecast-4” model metal melting kiln with lid;
– one stainless steel tongs for crucible and moulds;
– graphite mould for 100-oz (3-kg) pure gold round ingot;
– 100-oz (3 kg) pure gold graphite crucible;
– downloadable user manual/s on this kiln;
– two-years standard manufacturer warranty.

Additional information

Weight8 kg

115V +/-5%, 230V +/-5%


UK Plug, EU Plug, US Plug, Without Plug


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