2.2kg Aluminium graphite crucible for R9D-1000 kiln

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This is a large scale, high purity, graphite crucible with 70 mm internal diameter x 225 mm deep. It is widely used to melt down up to 2.2 kg of aluminium and for other metals such as lead, tin, wight metal, zamek etc. You can use it with our R9D-1000 metal melting kiln or with open fire.

Technical specification:

– estimated weight of aluminium – 2.2 kg;
– material – GMMG graphite;
– OD – diameter 110 mm x 250 mm;
– ID – diameter 70 mm x 225 mm deep;
– reusable (aluminium) with graphite protector paint – up to 100 times.

Useful tips for beginners:

Please use a graphite protector paint to make your graphite crucible high temperature’s release and protect it from quick disintegration.

Additional information

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