6 in 1 cubic graphite mould for 6 x coin type ingots

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This is a high purity, cubic graphite mould with six different “coin” type ingots (set No:2). You can re-use these moulds regardless of your tools, temperatures required, heating time, type of metal and your experience. Other types, sizes and quantity of cubic moulds are available on request.

Technical specification:

– dimensions of cube in inch (mm): 1.37/64″(40) x 1.37/64″(40) x 1.37/64″(40).
– precision of moulds = “1%g” (new mould).
– shape of mould’s walls (ingot’s) – “L” (square).
– maximum heating temperature = 1500 C (2732 F).
– diameters of six “coin” type moulds in inch (mm): 45/64″(18), 25/32″(20), 55/64″(22), 1″(24), 1.1/32″(26), 1.7/64″(28) x 5 mm deep each.

Useful points for beginners:

– use a mould lubricate spray to easily remove out an ingot from a graphite mould.
– apply a graphite protector liquid – to protect a graphite mould from disintegration.

Additional information

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