Air Extraction System for Kilns 1 – 20 Cubic Litre Chamber

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This is manual controlled (ON-OFF) Air Extraction System set (A.E.S.) that can work with hot air continuously 24/7 and is widely used for extracting from your kiln harmful gazes, smoke and fume. This A.E.S. set can be fixed on any brand kilns/furnaces where is about one square feet empty room. Will supplied with drilling bit with diameter for internal tube and step-by-step installation instruction. Free online technical support is available also for this set by video call on Skype or WhatsApp.

Technical Specification:
– Voltage: 110 V – 250 V with USA; EU or UK standard electrical plug on request.
– Power: 0.74 A / 9 Watt
– Power lead: 3 meter.
– Flow: 1 m3/minute (for chamber / inner between 1 and 20 cubic liters)
– RPM: 3600.
– Noise level: 56 dB.
– Estimated required AES set fixing area: 200 x 200 mm.
– Oil free brash-less blower.
– Power supply for blower.
– Fixing stand with On-Off switch.
– Vertical and horizontal tubes.
– Drilling bit for horizontal tube.
– RoHS Compliance.
– CE certified.
– UL94V-0 approved.

For fixing this system to your kiln you should have a small meter, drilling machine, cross-section screw-driver and have basic skills to use them.
When already extracted from chamber, for delivering harmful gazes, smoke and fumes outside of your workshop please find below very useful 3-meter or 10-meter flexible aluminium hose with adaptor for this AES set below.

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