Automatic Air Extraction System for 1 – 20 C.L. Chambers

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This is fully automatic controlled air extraction system set with special ion-detector that can work with hot air continuously 24/7 and is widely used for forced extracting harmful gazes, smoke and fume from inside of your kiln when you are inside workshop or outside for long time. This automatic, forced A.E.S. set can be fixed on any brand kilns/furnaces where is about one square feet empty room. It will be supplied with 22-mm special drilling bit for internal tub’s hole and step-by-step installation instruction. Free online technical support is available also for this set by video call on Skype or Whatsapp.

Technical specification:

– voltage: 110 v – 230 v with USA, EU or UK standard electrical plug on request.
– power: 0.9A / 10 Watt
– power lead: 3 meter.
– flow: 1 m3/minute (for chamber / inner between 1 and 20 Cubic liters)
– RPM: 3600.
– noise level: 56 Db.
– Universal Ion Detector (UID): fiam241 in separate box with internal timer.
– for avoiding electronic interference during long-time work the power supply, detector and internal timer supplied in a special protective box (separately from blower).
– manual on-off function is still available.
– estimated required AES set fixing area: 200 x 200 mm.
– oil free brash-less blower.
– power supply for blower.
– fixing stand with on-off switch.
– vertical and horizontal tubes.
– 22-mm drilling bit for hole (in metal/stone) for horizontal extraction tube.
– ROHS compliance.
– CE certified.
– CRUUS certified.
– UL94V-0 approved.
– supplied with step-by-step fixing instruction and free online technical support on Skype or/and Whatsapp.

For fixing this system to your kiln you should have a small meter, drilling machine, cross-section screwdriver and have basic skills to use them.

Additional information

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