Ceramic crucible for glass aluminium lead pewter tin and waxes

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This is a standard small, high purity, ceramic crucible that is widely used for melting down small quantity of glass, pewter, lead, tin, aluminium, waxes and other materials with melting points below 700C (1292F). If used correct it will last up to 500 firing processes and is especially designed to work with our compact R9-7 low-temperature melting kiln or with other suitable heating equipment and open flames with temperatures below 700C (1292F).

Technical specification:

– material – 99.3% alumina;
– maximum heating temperature: 700C (1292F);
– OD – 1.4/5″(45 mm)d top x 1″(26 mm)d bottom x 2.2/5″(60 mm)high;
– ID – 3/5″(16 mm)d x 1.4/5″(45 mm)high;
– the crucible’s weight – 90 g.
– continuously working time: 24/7;
– long-life: 500 firing processes below 700C (1292F).

Additional information

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