Nautilus-1250P Two Position Programmable Kiln 20 Cubic Litre Chamber

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This is a useful electric muffle kiln with a 32-segments programmable temperature controller and 20 Cubic Litre spacious chamber that is especially designed for working with all types of materials on temperatures below 1250 C (2282 F) and can be used in horizontal as well as in vertical position. Four heating elements. For your safety this kiln have a secure mechanism that will disconnect the kiln’s power supply from its heating element/s if door of the kiln is open or closed not properly. It has one 16-mm hole with a stainless steel shutter on the door to see firing object/s during all firing process. This kiln has also a digital, over/low-temperature regulation secure system to hold same temperature during the whole soaking process and a smoothing circuit digital guard for accurate reading and stability work of the temperature controller on fluctuations of electricity that is very important option for most professional firing processes.

Technical specification:

– model: Nautilus-1250P;
– CE marked, ISO-9001-2008;
– 230 VAC +/-10% with a standard EU or UK electrical plug adaptor (on request);
– single phase, 13 A;
– 3900 Watt;
– no asbestos at all;
– can be used in horizontal or vertical position;
– maximum working temperature – 1250 C (2282 F);
– heating time to 1250 C (2282 F) – 120 minutes;
– continuously working time on temperatures higher 1200 C = 15 mins. Below 1200 C = 12 hours.
– kiln dimensions in mm (inch): H380 x W560 x L860 (14/2.5″ x 14.2/5″ x 26″);
– chamber dimensions in mm (inch): H200 x W200 x L500 (8″ x 8″ x 20″);
– chamber volume: 20 Q.Litre;
– programmable temperature controller that will allows you to preset and automatically reach and hold (soak) any required temperature. 32 time/temperature segments.
– one year free Skype help on assembling and controller setting;
– safety switch mechanism for disconnecting heating elements from a power supply if door is open or closed not properly;
– one ventilation hole with stainless steel shutter on the door;
– four heating elements: top, bottom, left and right;
– ceramic 2-part bottom plate for covering bottom heating element;
– in-build metal stands for both, horizontal and vertical positions;
– digital over/low-temperature regulation secure system;
– smoothing circuit (stability work control) digital guard;
– industrial graded k-thermocouple on right wall of the kiln (1.8 mm wire);
– calibrated on five points: 100 C; 240 C; 450 C; 830 C and 1075 C;
– estimated accuracy of soaking temperature: +/- 1 C;
– you will require a standard screw-driver to fix electrical box with temperature controller, thermocouple and safety switch’s mechanism of this kiln by few screws (supplied).
– weight – 50 kg (box);
– cable – 3 m.
– will be deliver on pallet.

Delivery specification:

– the Nautilus-1250P electric muffle kiln;
– K-thermocouple;
– safety switch mechanism;
– ceramic bottom plate;
– electrical box with a programmable temperature controller and a secure switch;
– user manual and temperature controller instruction;
– one year manufacturer warranty with professional after-selling services include warranty, parts-by-post worldwide and online help by email or/and on Skype.

Once you place the order please allow additional 3-5 working days for order processing, testing, packaging and shipping.

Kiln Instruction Manuals:

Additional information

Weight50 kg


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