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This is 1240 C (2282 F) professional Programmable Knife Making Kiln with a 32-segments programmable temperature controller that is especially designed to work with metal blades, tubes, rods and strips with maximal length of 12″ (300 mm). For your safety this kiln has a secure switch axis that will disconnect the kiln’s power supply from its heating elements if lid of the kiln is open or placed on the top of kiln not properly. It has also over low temperature regulation secure system to hold same temperature during all soaking process and a smoothing circuit digital guard for accurate reading and stability work of the programmable controller on fluctuations of electricity that is very important option for most metal heating processes.

Technical specification:

– Model: KMK-1240P Programmable Knife Making Kiln;
– 110 – 230 vac +/-10% with UK, EU or US standard electrical plugs on request;
– 2200 watt;
– Max. Working temperature – 1240 C (2282 F). Please find more information about working time on top temperatures in downloadable user manual;
– Kiln dimensions in mm (inch) without lid: 200 x 200 x 530(H) (8″ x 8″ x 21″);
– Kiln dimensions in mm (inch) with lid: 200 x 200 x 720(H) (8″ x 8″ x 29″);
– Estimated heating time to the top temperature – 90 minutes;
– Useful chamber deepness in mm (inch): 300 (12″);
– Useful diameter of chamber: 65 mm;
– Ceramic disc with slots for blades (different type and quantity of slots/holes and inserts can be ordered on request for tubes, rods or strips);
– 32-segments programmable temperature controller will allows you to work with temperatures and time to pre-set, reach and hold (soak) any required temperatures between room temperatures and 1240 C (2282 F);
– Safety switch mechanism for disconnecting heating elements from power supply if lid is open or placed back on the kiln not properly;
– Digital over low-temperature regulation secure system;
– Smoothing circuit (controller’s stability work) digital guard;
– Industrial graded K-thermocouple on right wall (3.2 mm wires);
– Calibrated on five temperature points. Estimated accuracy of soaking temperatures: +/- 1 C;
– This kiln must be positioned on a proper fire-resist worktop.
– Weight – 14 kg;
– Cable – 1.5 m.

Delivery specification:

– the KMK-1240P Programmable Knife Making Kiln;
– ceramic disc with slots;
– downloadable user manual and temperature controller instruction.


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Kiln Instruction Manuals:

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