R9D-1000 Aluminium electrical metal melting kiln

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This is our largest electrical metal melting kiln with a digital temperature controller that is fully capable for melting down up to about 2.2 kg of aluminium, wight metal, tin, lead etc. This digital temperature controller will allows you to preset and hold any required temperature between 0 c and 900 c.

Technical specification:

240V AC versions with UK standard electric plug (3 square pins).
220V AC with EU standard electric plug (two round pins + E).
115V AC with US/Canada standard electric plug (2 flat pins).
– 1500 watt;
– maximum heating temperature – 900 C (1652 F);
– estimated heating time to 1652 F (900 C) with empty crucible – 30 minutes;
– furnace’s dimensions including a lid in (inch) mm: (8″)200(W) x (8″)200(D) x (14″)350(H);
– graphite crucible OD (mm): 110(D) x 250(H);
– graphite crucible ID (mm): 70(D) x 225(H);
– volume of graphite crucible – 2.2 kg of aluminium;
– weight – 7.5 kg;
– power cable – 2 meter.

Delivery specification:

– R9D-1000 Aluminium electrical metal melting kiln with a lid;
– one graphite crucible;
– tongs for large graphite crucible;
– one year manufacturer warranty.

Postage information:

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Kiln Instruction Manuals:

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Additional information

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