R9D-33 Metal melting kiln 33-oz (1000 gr) pure gold crucible

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This is a new electrical metal melting kiln with a digital temperature controller that is fully capable melting down up to 1000 gram (33 oz) of pure gold. It is fully capable also to melt down any other type of metals with casting point below 1080C (1976F). The R9D-33 metal melting kiln has a standard digital temperature controller and can reach and hold any single temperature between 20°C (68°F) and 1130°C (2066°F) once settled. It means that when this kiln is connected to a power supply and is switched on, it will start to heat up gradually without stopping until a pre-settled temperature will be reached. The kiln is able to hold the required temperature until you will pre-set a different temperature or switch it off. The empty kiln reaches the temperature of 1130°C (2066°F) approximately in 60-90 minutes depending of the quantity and size of your metal pieces inside the graphite crucible. More metal (larger pieces) and more metal in the crucible means more heating time.

Technical specification:

– input:
115V AC version with USA/Canada standard plug (two flat pins).
220V AC version with EU/Russia standard plug (two round pins + e).
240V AC version with UK/Ireland standard 3-pins plug.
240V AC version with Australia/NZ plug adapter.
– model – R9D-33;
– power – 650 watt;
– digital temperature controller;
– “K” thermocouple;
– maximum heating point: 1130C (2066F);
– maximum heating time to 1130C (2066F) – 90 minutes;
– kiln’s dimensions in mm(inch): 150(6″) x 150(6″) x 250(10″)h;
– graphite crucible OD(1″=25.4 mm): 60mm(td) x 47mm(bd) x 80(h) mm;
– graphite crucible ID(1″=25.4 mm): 32(d) x 70(h) mm;
– volume of graphite crucible: 1000 gr (33-oz) of pure gold;
– cable – 1 meter;
– weight – 2.5 kg;
– portable.

Delivery specification:

– this R9D-33 metal melting kiln;
– one 33-oz (1000 gr) graphite crucible;
– one metal tong for 33-oz graphite crucible;
– one year manufacturer warranty;

Once you place the order please allow additional 3-5 working days for order processing, testing, packaging and shipping.

Kiln Instruction Manuals:

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