Small quartz stick for stirring molten metals

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This is a pure quartz stick for stirring molten metals with melting points below 2912 F (1600 C). This stick has 6″(150 mm) in length and 1/6″(4 mm) in diameter. Widely used with molten metal’s cleaning (refining) powder. Other diameters and sizes are available on request.

Useful tips for beginners:

To clean molten metal from any impurities:

– dissolve this powder in hot 194 F – 203 F (90 C – 95 C) tap water in proportion: 500 gr. per 1 Litre;
– deep quartz stick into solution for 2-3 seconds;
– then using your stick, carefully stir molten metal in the crucible until all non-metal impurities such dirt, dust and grease will “glue” around your stick.
– to clean your stick dip it into the solution once again and repeat whole process if necessary.

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