Digital Programmable Temperature Controller WiFi-controlled

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This is a Digital Programmable Temperature Controller, Proportional-Integrator-Derivative (PID) Web-Enabled Temperature Controller (WiFi Programmable PID Thermocontroller). It provides an excellent and simple way to control a temperature variability in order to have it closely match a target value. Implementing PID control offers a way to account for error over time and allows the system to “self-correct”. Once the temperature exceeds or drops below the target value input in the program (temperature), the PID controller starts accumulating error. This accumulated error informs future decisions the controller makes in order to limit the overshoot in the future. This allows for a better control over the programmed temperature.

Ideal for DIY Projects
Our programmable temperature controller will help you to convert any basic muffle kiln into an easily controlled programmable one. You will be able to then use the kiln for pottery, glass fusing, clay works, enamelling, and other works which require temperature control throughout the process.
Our thermocontroller has a WiFi access point named “ThermoController”. Once you connect to it you get access to the controller management through a web interface. You can connect using any device with a web browser, e.g. PC, Tablet, Smartphone etc. independent of whether the device is Windows, Linux or iOS.


If you are planning to use a few of our controllers at home then you should let us know before or immediately after placing the order. We will then set up your controllers to have different IP addresses so that there is no IP conflict when you start using them.

You need to have a basic knowledge of electricity to connect the thermocontroller.
ThermoCouple and SSR relay are not included.


  • easy to create new kiln programme or modify an existing one
  • no limit to runtime – the kiln can fire for days
  • view status from multiple devices at once – computer, tablet etc.
  • NIST-linearized conversion for accurate K-type thermocouple readings
  • monitor temperature inside of the kiln after the programme has ended

Technical specification:

Controlled temperature: -200°C to +1300°C
Voltage input: 110V – 240V AC
Control output: for SSR relay
SSR input current: </= 100mA
SSR input voltage: >/= 3V
ThermoCouple Sensor: K-type (only)

Kiln Instruction Manuals:

Additional information

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2 reviews for Digital Programmable Temperature Controller WiFi-controlled

  1. Storas

    Fantastic device, I have not seen such this on the market yet.
    Thank you.

  2. Steve

    How many profile points can be programmed for each saved firing sequence

    • Sytem

      No limits.

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