74 Cubic Liters Top Loading Pottery Kiln Programmable 1240C

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We are happy to present our 1240C (2264F) top loading pottery kiln which ideal for work with ceramics, pottery, and other materials. This electrical muffle kiln, which is equipped with a 32-step programmable temperature controller, a timer, and 74 cubic liters large chamber. This kiln is ideal for work with any materials that require temperatures of up to 1240C. The 32-step programmable temperature/time controller has a digital, high/low temperature regulation security system. This system helps the kiln to hold the same temperature throughout the working process. The controller also has a smoothing circuit digital guard which increases the accuracy of readings and stabilises work of the programmable controller even in cases of electricity fluctuations taking place. This feature is extremely helpful when working with most of the glazing, ceramic, and pottery firing processes.

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Attention: You’ll required a screw-driver to fix an electrical box and a thermocouple to the kiln. For more details please download a user manual on the kiln under.

Once you place the order please allow additional 5-7 working days for order processing, testing, packaging and shipping.

P.S. We can make small changes to our kilns’ design to tailor them to your needs. We have an extensive experience in this field and we have been around for years. If you need particular heating element modifications, please contact us with your requirements and we will design, manufacture, and install the kilns of all types according to your needs. We can also build electrical kilns of any size and it can be programmable, PC controlled or come with a standard digital temperature controller. Our pottery kilns can also have air extraction systems, a digital high/low temperature security system with smoothing circuit guards. We use hi-tech control systems to maximise the kilns’ efficiency and temperature distribution, as well as the atmospheric controls. In short, we can make electrical pottery kiln that will meet all your needs and help you to achieve all your goals.

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